Member Spotlight - Martin

Member Spotlight - Martin

Member Since: 2017

Athletic Background: 4 years professional downhill mountain bike racing, 2 years elite bike road racing, all around skiier and snowboarder, 4X Ironman...just fitness all the time!

Reason for joining Physics: because everyone should do CrossFit all the time.

Occupation: Chiropractor - I fix spines... literally

Hobbies and interests: My beautiful wife Kailey, my four boys, fixing spines and that order.

Favourite movement: rope climb

Favourite part of Physics: Coach Francois

Biggest Accomplishment: flexibility

Tips for aspiring members or anybody on the fence about joining Physics: Just commit for a 12 month program...3-4 times a week; it's the only way to go. IMHO it's going to take you 6-8 weeks to learn the basics, then another few months to get comfortable. you start seeing great strength and flexibility results right away, but they keep coming, and coming....and coming...and coming....

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