Physics CrossFit Success Stories

Physics CrossFit Megan P.

Best decision I have ever made! Walked into Physics just over 6 years ago out of shape and terrified. After the first class, I was hooked. The amazing coaches, the programming, the equipment, the facility and the members are second to none. Thanks to the unwavering support of the coaches, especially Francois, I am able to accomplish athletic feats that I never would have thought possible. I came in hoping to improve my overall health and fitness, which I have, and as an added bonus I found an amazing community in which I have found some of my greatest friends.

Megan P.

Physics CrossFit Deb W.

I am not in the prime of my life and not really fit. François was very knowledgeable and patient. Making sure I do the movements safely. I’m looking forward to increasing my strength. Great atmosphere.

Deb W.

Physics CrossFit Jaqueline L.

I moved to Ottawa at the end of April and I spent some time trying out different CrossFit gyms. Physics CrossFit was my favourite by far! The community is awesome, the facility has so much to offer for those looking to step up their training, and the coaches are all knowledgeable and helpful!

Jaqueline L.

Physics CrossFit Kevin P.

Best gym atmosphere to be in. Everyone is there to have fun and attain similar goals. Trainers all love what they do, and are very good at it. Owner is constantly looking out for each person's safety and enjoyment.

Kevin P.

Physics CrossFit Martin Z.

Join this gym. In the last 18 months I have progressed further and got more technique, flexibility, and strength than in years and years of training other gyms. It's not just the gym... it's the coaching. Frank, Alex, and Isabelle are all incredible coaches with amazing attention to detail and truly know CrossFit technique super well.

Martin Z.

Physics CrossFit Prasanth T.

The Real Deal! I had zero experience with Crossfit and Coach Alex Howard made sure to build me up slowly and safely. The coaches' resumes speak for themselves and if you want to be your best you must learn from the best! Highly recommend Physics! I'm a lifer.

Prasanth T.

Physics CrossFit Tracy L.

Hands down the best coaches and programming in the city. I’ve done some PT with Frank and my gains have been massive. His patience and eye for technique pushes you to the next level. If you are going to try Crossfit Physics is the place to start.

Tracy L.

Physics CrossFit Josee C.

Top notch! The coaches here are extremely knowledgeable, professional and care about your well-being. Joining Physics Crossfit has not only helped me grow as an athlete but made me achieve things I never thought would be possible. Great people, great programming, great atmosphere!

Josee C.

Physics CrossFit Lauren D.

I’ve been going to Physics Crossfit for over five years now and it has surpassed my expectations in so many ways. The quality of the equipment is second to none, the quality of the coaching is fantastic & results driven, the variety of workouts day to day continue to challenge the members while providing a fun and motivating atmosphere. I contemplated joining for about a year, and looking back I don’t know why I waited so long. I played varsity level sports throughout high school and university and didn’t know what was next for me as I was looking for something different, yet rewarding - Physics CrossFit has filled that void!

Lauren D.

Physics CrossFit Justin S.

Everything you need in a gym and great coaches. Highly recommend!

Justin S.

Physics CrossFit Nathalie B.

I have going to Physics Crossfit for almost 3 years now. This is by far the best gym which I have joined. Not only is the coaching amazing but the people are friendly and respectful. This is a great community of people from all different backgrounds coming together for one great cause.

Nathalie B.

Physics CrossFit Vincent C.

As a new-comer to crossfit, the coaches at Physics were fantastic in teaching me what I needed to learn! I've been at Physics for approximately 2 months now and I've been loving the experience. The community is awesome and the programming is bang on!

Vincent C.

Physics CrossFit Mark H.

I have been training at Physics Crossfit for over 4 years now and I believe they are the absolute best. They provide elite level coaching while also catering to the unique needs and fitness levels of each individual client. As a chiropractor I value this tremendously, and I recommend Physics to all of my patients.

Mark H.

Physics CrossFit Michelle M.

Been here 4+ years - can't say enough about this gym. Amazing coaches who truly care, great programming and more than willing to help with any aspect of your individual goals. Truly a welcoming & family-like atmosphere!

Michelle M.

Physics CrossFit Lauren L.

I've been at Physics Crossfit for 5 years now and it is by far the best gym in town. We have travelled and visited other Crossfit gyms and nothing compares to Physics. The quality of coaching, programming, attention to detail, members and the family atmosphere in this gym is what sets it apart. I highly recommend it to anyone young or old, new to Crossfit or a seasoned athlete.

Lauren L.

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